Saturday, March 22, 2008

9 Years

So March 20th was Eric and I's anniversary. I can't hardly believe it has been 9 years. Sometimes you may hear me complain that our life is boring. Looking back over the last 9 years, I can't think of any outrageous tales to tell, talk about any super amazing places we've visited or remember any big adversity we've weathered. There's been no big drama surrounding our family. But the more I reflect on things the more I realize that sometimes I just forget that it is the little things that can make life sweet. So maybe we don't have any jaw dropping stories but we have each other, and what more can you ask for.
10.000 B.C.Maggianos

Ok, so we did go out kid free (this needs to happen more often) to probably our favorite restaurant Maggiano's over in Scottsdale and saw 10,000 BC. Dinner was great as usual. And when they seated us they had a little message waiting for us that said "Happy Anniversary to the Grahams" (Eric said that when you make reservations they ask if it's a special occasion, so that's how they knew). The movie was pretty good. The plot line was a little slow for me but the special effects they can do now days is amazing. And a Big thank you to Kelsey for watching my rascals for us.

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The Richins Family said...

happy anniversary. it's so nice to go on a date kid free. :)