Saturday, March 15, 2008


Lately when I'm out shopping with my kids, Emry has apparently become the "girl or Boy" police. When she sees someone she is unsure of she says (very loudly I might add) "mommy is that a girl or a boy?" (and of course she is pointing right at them) If "boy" is my reply and he has long hair and or earrings she will reply "well he looks like a girl to me, doesn't he know earrings and long hair are for girls?" Or if "girl" is my reply she will say "well their short hair makes them look like a boy!" (just so you know ignoring her, only makes her talk even louder and if I try and talk quiet then she will tell me "say that again mommy, I can't hear what you are saying") I've had a talk with her at home about it, but she still feels the need to ask. I'm sure it's just a phase, but until it's over I'm going to start walking really fast through the stores.

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The Graham Family said...

Oh trust me it's a phase, I could write a book on all of the wonderful things Emily and Preston have said, you know like "don't they know smoking is bad for them" "how come he/she is so fat" "why would someone wear that" "oh gross they stink" and of course they say it incredibly loud, I always wished I had a big hat and sunglasses to hide under, but they do grow out of it, at least I hope!