Wednesday, March 5, 2008


WooHoo! Summer officially had one accident free day yesterday! I'm so proud of her. She loves wearing her panties and feels like such a big girl. Someone gave me the idea of using a gumball machine and letting her put the penny in and get a gumball every time she goes potty. She has LOVED it! Summer loves gum and money, so put the two together and it's a win win situation. Hopefully the days ahead will be just as great as yesterday.


the holbrooks said...

unIm so excited that you have a blog, i was just telling breck that we need to meet up at chick-fila again and let are kids play. i dont work tomorrow or we could meet next week, let me know, How is karis doing

the holbrooks said...

K I have my home teachers coming at 11 so after about 12 at chick fila??? Invite your sisters if you want to. i will text you tomorrow to comfirm.