Thursday, April 10, 2008

Field Trip

So Emry's Pre-School had a field trip today. We went to the dinosaur Museum in down town Mesa. My girls had lots of fun checking everything out.

Ok funny story about this jail cell that Emry is in. What you can't see is just to the left of the sink is a toilet. So there is a hall with probably four cells and Emry was checking this one out. I had my back turned messing with Tatum and when I turned around Emry had her pants down about to relieve herself on the non-working toilet! I could barley stop laughing long enough to tell her she couldn't go here. She just said "but mommy I have to go potty real bad!" Needless to say I yanked her pants right up and we took off to find a REAL toilet. So thanks again to one of my children for yet another lovely display of embarrassment.


Heather said...

Fun times, glad you were there to chit, chat with! You're girls are so cute!

Chelsey Howard said...

Ha Ha! That is hilarious! Well think of it this way, at least you caught her before she actually went to the bathroom.