Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Baby?

I believe I've said it on more than one occasion.... Tatum is my last baby. Eric and I have been in total agreement on this. But sometimes life can throw you a curve ball or two. You see, on the way to dance last week Emry informed me that we need a new baby in our family and she is just the person for the job. I then proceed to tell her we already have a baby and mommy isn't wanting to have another one and further more the last thing we need is another girl. Now this conversation is far from over. Allow me to elaborate.....

Emry: I want to be a baby again
Me: Why would you want to be a baby? I love how big you're getting!

Emry: Babies are cute

Me: Well you're cute just the age you are, 4.

Emry: But I don't want to be a grown up anymore

Me: Well if you're a baby you wouldn't be able to go to dance class, or talk or go to school and you'd have to wear diapers and drink baby formula and sleep in a crib

Emry: Don't worry I'll grow up later so I can talk and dance. And I love cribs and bottles

Me: Well we don't have another crib for you

Emry: Tatum could just sleep on the floor or something and I could have hers

Me: Won't you miss being able to talk

Emry: Well I'll just cry and then you'll know what I want

Me: Sweetie I don't think I could make you into a baby even if I wanted to.

Emry: Maybe I could eat some baby food and then that would turn me into a baby

Me: Honey I don't think that would work either

Emry: Then why don't we find a wishing well and then I could throw money in and I would wish to be a baby

Now by this point we've arrived to dance and my only escape from this downward spiraling discussion is to tell her we'd talk about this later. I should have seen the signs. Apparently some supernatural, unexplained phenomenon occurred when she turned 4 less than a month ago. Since then Emry frequently talks like a baby. And now loves to pretend to be one. When her and Summer would play house Emry was always the mom and she'd tell Summer she was the kid or dad or dog etc. Now Emry is the one crying asking for a bottle and blanket when they play. I'm positive it's just a phase but in the mean time don't be too shocked if you stop by and Emry is taking her nap in the port-a-crib. It is truly a sight to see.


the holbrooks said...

Just for a second there...I thought you were making an annoucement..come on you know you want another one.

karis stapley said...

She's got the right idea, stay young while ya can! :) Let me know if the wishing well thing works out for Emry!

The Graham Family said...

She's funny!!! I didn't really see Emry to much when she was a baby so I suppose her pretending would make up for that.

Heather said...

I thought you were making an announcement too! :)
Hunter and I had a similar conversation yesterday. He said he wanted to be baby becuase they are cute!?? These kids are smart and no a good deal when they see one, wouldn't we all love to be a baby again..well sometimes!

Alishia said...

How funny! Like everyone else, I thought you were announcing! Kids are so funny. Emry is a cutie! Enjoy every minute of her being young. Before you know it, she will be having her own baby!

Pam said...

Cute story! Isn't it so funny how we all want to be younger when we get older. I just didn't think that old was 4:)
I think all of us really want to be the baby again who wouldn't want to have food made for you as soon as you cry, be carried around and actually be encouraged to take naps. I think Emry's got the right idea.

Valerie said...

Ella does the EXACT same thing!! Must be four year old thing... Too bad they can't be that VOCAL and POTTY TRAINED when they were a baby!!!

I guess the grass is always greener... even for four year olds!

ginaharrop said...

So funny, sometimes I wonder what in the world they are thinking that brings on these stages they go through. I just embraced the weirdness in my boys, it eases my She is darling!

VarneyFam said...

OK so like those before me I was like WHAT??? thinking you were announcing something and thought NO WAY - we've had that conversation :) I love it that she is in the pack - n- play and everything she really is taking it all the way...well live it up while you can! Ruthie never has had that problem because she had Weston and now the next one...her thing is wanting a SISTER and insists that "the next one" will be a girl...Honey there isn't going to be a next one as far as Mommy is concerned!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OK way fun meeting you the other night! and so sorry i snagged your prize you were wanting. i'll be sure to come comment when i post the pics of it looking FABULOUS in my house. unfortunately we have to finish textured and painting. So it might be awhile. Ok and Gina Harrop? does she blog? i am thinking she is my cousin. and you migh know her. how many people in the world.AZ could have that name. it's not common. she's a photographer with 1 girl and 3 boys. let me know if that is her. her.

Chelsey Howard said...

Ha ha, that is so funny. Just when you think its over and they are finally able to help themselves a little:)

S. and A. Millar said...

What a funny little girl you have! She's a cutie! I remember when Brooklyne went through that phase too. Don't you worry they grow out of it, at least brooklyne did, although sometimes she still likes to play baby! So I guess she hasn't fully out grown it.

galbraith's said...

how funny! all my 4 year old talks about is have supper powers and thanks his heavenly father for them every day! 4 year olds are too fun!

lindsey said...

we would love to..

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KELSEY said...

MAMA MIA Here I go again! my my how can I resist ya?!