Monday, October 20, 2008

Another tid bit what I've been up to

So what do you do in St. George? Enjoy the scenery? hike around Snow Canyon? See a show at Tuacahn ( a pretty cool out door amphitheatre featuring shows like Les Mis or Sound of music)? Uuhhhhh NO. Well maybe you do, but I go to Tai Pan Trading!
It's Huge! I spent 4 hours there, and wished for more. My mom and I pulled up and it was like the mother ship was calling me home! Needless to say I stayed too long and spent too much, but loved every minute of it. We totally need one here in AZ. I think I'll start a petition. Any one want to sign?

Ok on to the next little bit of fun....Look familiar?

If you're in the dark ages and do not recognize this scene, it's from MAMMA MIA. My mom, my sister Kelsey and my dad (He likes ABBA. Though I believe he thought, him and his friend Ben Franklin could have had a better time el$e where) went to see the show in Vegas. I loved the movie and loved the show even more. My only complaint was Sophie. I thought her voice was kind of whiny. Oh and what a difference it made to listen to Sam Carmichael's character played by someone other than 007. Sorry but Pierce Brosnan may be good with a gun, women, fast cars, and saving the day but the singing......not so much!

So here's me before the show
being a total dork.
And I'm ok with that.

We sang the whole way through and of course had to stand up and dance at the end. And just in case your wondering... yes that first picture along with a few others were taken illegally by me with my camera during the show. Gotta love the Zoom. I smuggled it in. And yes with a minute left some one came by and caught me. Luckily he was nice and just sternly said "put it away!" That's ok, it was worth it and I'd do again.

We only stayed one night in Vegas so my gambling time was limited. Really we just went to the show, visited a few of the fun Hotels, and ate yummy food.

Oh and on a side note. If you ever go to Vegas, it is imperative that you visit the Paris Hotel and get a little piece of Heaven. Also known as a Crepe from the La Creperie. They are the most divine teat I have had the pleasure of tasting. My mouth waters just thinking of them.


the holbrooks said...

um when were you in vegas cause we are just there this weekend

karis stapley said...

Heck yes! I'm in! I'll be the 1st person to sign that petition, cuz when I was there in June, I asked if they were opening one up here in Az. and she said no, but one in Cali. & Nevada. Well, that does me no good! I loooooove that place too! So great!
And Mama Mia looked like a blast! Glad I was finally able to see the fun movie last week!

Heather said...

What a FUN trip! I was just in Vegas, wish I could have seen the show. I would have danced with you.
Fun times at Tai Pan, I love that place too!! You and your sis are cute!!

Pam said...

Oh my gosh Tai Pan I get heart palpatations just thinking about it. I also enquired the last time I was there in UT and got the same answer - California and Nevada. What do they have that AZ doesn't? Don't they know that us Mormon women are swarming here in AZ and I'm pretty sure we are their strongest supporters.
Vegas = fun!!!!!
Mamma Mia = funner!!!!
Mouth watering dessert = heaven!!!!!

Wendy said...

I've never even heard of Tai Pan, but now I want to fly to Utah just to go there. I haven't even seen the movie Mamma Mia and now I am dying too, it did look really fun. You can tell that I don't get out much. Luckily I am going to Vegas in 2 weeks so I can look for that delicious looking crepe thing. MMMM, MMMMM Good

S. and A. Millar said...

Looks like youve been up to a lot of fun stuff! Sorry to hear about your Grandma! So is that my cousin Eric you were talking about in the last post? He does hair and cleans toilets, ect.!!!????!!! Wow he is a changed man (jk) ;) thats nice he could take off work to take care of the girls while you were gone, and the homeless child part was cracking me up!!! Thats exactly what Brooklyne looks like if her hair isn't done! Well we can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!

sarinahbrooks said...

Fun! I am soooooo jeolous!