Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eric's Birthday

Yesterday 11/21 was Eric's Birthday. And woo hoo for him, he didn't have to work. I had intended on getting up early, making a nice breakfast and letting him sleep in. But peer pressure got the best of me, hence I did not get to bed the night before until 3am. Needless to say I was dead to the world and did not even notice when he got out of bed. I kind of feel bad the day was pretty boring and even though it was his birthday, he cleaned the kids' room, took them to the park and made lunch. Thank goodness for Guitar Hero or the day could have been a total loss. That evening we did go out to dinner and see a movie of his choosing (the new 007). He thought the movie was awesome and looked over to tell me so, but I guess I was asleep. Next year for Eric's birthday I plan on going to bed at a respectable time so that I can be a better Birthday Hostess. Eric does so much for our family, we'd be a wreck without him. I'll share some reasons why......

*He is the bath giver at our house, I rarely bathe the kids myself
*He always reads the bedtime stories
* Does the dishes almost as often as I do
* Will do his own laundry
*Is up with the kids every morning, gets them their milk and sometimes breakfast, All the while letting me sleep until he comes to kiss me goodbye at 7:50 to be off to work.
*Thanks me for making a yummy dinner when all I've made is cheese crisps
*Tries to figure out what to make for dinner when all I've planned is ..... nothing.
*Always cleans the kids' room
*He's the "nice one" Our kids know it and take advantage
*Always makes an effort to rush home from where ever he is, so he can come home and be with us
*Aside from setting out their dresses and doing their hair, he does as much as he can to get the kids ready on Sundays
*Always lets the kids follow him around when he's doing yard work and tries his best to involve them
*Makes our bed more often than I do
*Never stays mad very long
*Pays all the bills and then hands everything else over to me
*Tells me and my girls he loves us multiple times a day
*Calls me everyday from work to check on me and the girls
*Will see something that needs to be done around the house and just do it.
*Eric likes it pitch black to sleep, but will put up with me watching t.v. or reading by a light so I can fall asleep easier
*Always has and still will get up in the night when one of the kids are crying.
*Good at and always the first to say "I'm Sorry"
*Always lets me go out with my friends or sisters just to have fun
*Always supportive of getting together with my family
*Asks for very little, It doesn't take much to make him happy
*L♥ves us unconditionally


Heather said...

Impressive, I need him to come and mentor my hubby on household duties, (i don't even know the last time he has made our bed)
I was tired too that day. At least he was off work. :)

Girly Stuff said...

I read this aloud to my husband because he does all the same things (except make our bed.) The other guys always make him feel bad about doing so much. Now he knows he is not alone!

Happy Birthday Eric! You are a good guy!

Alishia said...

Wow!! Apparently my husband needs to hang out with your husband a lot more often. That's amazing!! You better be careful or we'll be whispering about you guys on Sundays.

Did you go to Twilight for the 12:00, first showing??

Chelsey Howard said...

Oh, what a great guy! He's a rare breed! A guy that actually wakes up with the kids and does dishes, yeah he's a keeper:) That stinks that you were so tired the next day:( You missed out on 007, I've been wondering if its good.

Wendy said...

Wow, I'm impressed, can he do a class? Nah, it probably wouldn't help, you just got a good one. Happy Birthday!

karis stapley said...

Happy Birthday Eric! What a good Dad and helper-outer for you Bre! Very nice!

Julie said...

You're a lucky girl!! I'm lucky if mine picks his plate up after dinner...he is way too spoiled!! My fault, I guess.

VarneyFam said...

Sounds like you got as lucky as I did! I couldn't survive with out Landon - it's amazing that these wonderful men do as much as the do EVER day. Happy Birthday Eric!

S. and A. Millar said...

What a great cousin I have :) Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday Eric! You've trained him well Bre :)HOpe you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

galbraith's said...

hey! i need your address for christmas cards. please email it to me at


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric. This is Clay. You are amazing Dude. Just thought I would tell you so!!

Pam said...

What a great list and what a greater husband and dad.

Agnes said...

I finally found you again! I went through all my past posts to look for your comment so I could get to your blog...I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll. It would be a whole lot easier than skimmimg through my blog :) I hope you guys are doing great. I saw the clothes in the ziplock bags and I think it's a great idea. Some clothes are just nice clothes and i don't want my kids playing in the dirt with them on. I REALLY like your bag idea :) Oh, and Happy late birthday to your Hubby!