Friday, January 9, 2009

My aggravation & excitement today

Ok so for the aggravation first. I got gas about 10 days ago at Costco for $1.41. Today I'm seeing gas has gone up about 25cents! I'm having panic attacks envisioning it going back up to $4.15. I know it's only a quarter but I'm seeing a trend each day of it creeping up again. At the peak it cost me $140 to fill up my suburban. When I got my gas the last time, I filled up for the bargain price of $42. So sorry if I seem a bit whiney but I am really enjoying my $200 a month raise (and that doesn't even include what Eric saves with his car). My food storage has really benefited from the extra $. Which brings me to my excitement for the day. Fry's is having what they call their "case lot sale" Basically just lots of essentials for cheap. I get almost giddy with joy when I stock up and save. I spent $60 and saved $60. WooHoo! I know for all you couponers out there you probably could cut that in half again, but for me it's a good deal. And it subsided my displeasure with the gas prices. Oh by the way, how long do you think 20 jars of peanut butter will last us?


Suzanne said...

I actually got ANGRY that I paid 1.49 a gallon yesterday, 2 months ago I would have cut off my right arm to pay that much (that little I mean), I think they are teasing us with these low prices just to get a good laugh because they are just going to bump them back up.
I still need to check out that sale and I think at your house the PB won't last long, there is something about Grahams and Peanut Butter, they just can't get enough of it.

Renae said...

Thanks for the info! They cancelled our newspaper so we don't see tha ads anymore. (jerks) I wish there was a way to make pb last longer. That would be our food storage staple.
Loved the Fiesta Bowl story.

Varney Family said...

Peanut Butter doesn't last long in our maybe I should by a few cases :) Let's pray that gas stays under $2!! Iknow what you mean about our budget being happier!

Julie said...

I Love case lot sales!! I looked up the shelf life on peanut butter for you. It lasts 9 months unopened and 3 months open. I wouldn't know because like everyone else here it doesn't last too long in our house but don't won't go bad.