Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just give me one of those white sticks

Day 4.
Today I'm thankful for glasses/contacts!  I'm pretty close to blind.  I believe I was in 4th grade when I got my first pair of glasses (which I then proceeded to brake with in the first week of ownership. My mom was not pleased)  It didn't take me long to realize, wearing glasses did not make me any cooler or any smarter. (big fat bummer.  I had conjured up all kinds of ideas of how brilliant I'd become or how good looking I'd be.)  It wasn't until I got contacts in the 9th grade that I officially didn't go without either my glasses or contacts.  Each year I go back to the eye doctor, my eyes get progressively worse.  I always wonder at what point will I officially be declared legally blind (and what a tragedy that would be. I couldn't even get one of those seeing eye dogs. I'm allergic to anything with fur. Lame! You think they could train a pig? I hear they're quite smart.)  Maybe someday I'll get brave enough for that corrective laser eye surgery.  The idea of my eyes being preyed open while lasers are being used......well let's just say, it's not for me! With the help of my glasses/contacts I can see just fine and I am sooooo grateful to have them.

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Mom said...

Well now Bre, u have finally come up with a good reason to get that pig that u wanted in Cali. A see and eye pig we will have to look into that. The girls would luv a pet besides a turtle....well all the girls but Emry. Seeing really is a blessing but sometimes even when we "see" many of us still don't "see" .