Monday, October 25, 2010

Who'd of guessed I'd say that?!

Day 2.
Today I am grateful to have all girls. No you don't need to have your ears checked.  Yes, I actually said that! Now with the changing weather (finally!) here in AZ, I'm pulling out the pants and hoodies.  It's at this time I appreciate having all girls. No one, but Emry NEEDS new clothes. Now does this mean Summer, Tatum and Ava get stuck wearing all hand-me-downs? Heavens No! There are always items we simply just want and can't do with out.  Plus my girls are still kids and just plain ruin things. Making it necessary to replace with new. There are very few tally marks in the plus column with having all girls.  In fact,  this is the only one I can think of at the moment. But I must admit sharing clothes is a perk right now. (And don't worry, I am fully aware of the future fights that will ensue over the sharing of clothes!)

PS. Eric, this is what I am thankful/grateful for today. Not you! Trust me, I know you'd gladly fork out all kinds of money just to clothe even just one boy.


Suzanne said...

Good one!!! Another plus is they will always have a friend, and hopefully they will be the best of friends when they are older :)

The Rivard Fam said...

You know I'm totally jealous of you! I've heard boys are hard at a young age, then when they're older they're better (and vice versa for girls). I just hope this is actually true!!

karis stapley said...

Definite good one to be grateful for! I think that's def. a plus to have all same gender children in that regard. The twins have worn most all of coles old baby clothes as well. Although, we've had to "invest" in much more clothing with 2 kids being the exact same size at the same time. Sometimes, when I'm buying Cole something in a bigger size, I'll purposefully buy 2, knowing that I'll need them for the twins.
And ah, yes, the fun of sharing clothes as a teenager. :) I remember that one well. :)