Monday, June 30, 2008

Are you sure change is a good thing?

Recently Eric and I both received new church callings........ You see where I'm going with this? Eric I'm sure has a different view of it all than I do. He got called to be 1st counselor in the young mens. He's probably just happy to get to be back around all the boys and do boy stuff. I was called to be the Enrichment Leader. Now some of you may be thinking "Ya SO?" And if you are then you probably have amazing talents and some sweet crafty skillz! Now I do have a skill or two but some how I don't think they qualify me for Enrichment Leader. Allow me to share some examples...

*Diaper changing
*Always knowing what "there, their, they're" or "your, you're" or "to, too" to use. And have an overwhelming desire to correct it when I see the wrong one used.
*The ability to take 3 crying kids to Costco and still get everything on my list
*Eric and I are awesome at Scene It, the "Friends" edition. We can beat almost anyone.
*Just recently moved from easy to medium on Guitar Hero (I know, I know it's hardly anything to boast about. I'm very aware you're on expert Kelsey. WHATEVER!)
*Stain removal (I have the "
Queen of Clean" book)
*Maneuvering a double stroller through tight spaces without knocking over merchandise. ex: Kirklands (has a lot of tight spaces)
*Reciting almost every line from "Grease"
*I can paint my own toe nails
*I've only had one cavity so far
*I once removed a non working dishwasher and installed a new one all by myself and it worked!

Does my wide array of skillz and accomplishments astound you? Yep, I think with that list I'm right up there with Napoleon Dynamite! Truth is, that it's hard for me not to think of sooooo many others who I believe are so much more qualified for the job. So I hope and pray I can rise to the occasion and do as well as the others who have gone before me. I believe in inspiration and believe we serve where we need to be. As I sat there waiting to get my new calling, I already knew in my heart what it was. I heard the words before he said them. So wish me luck. Clearly I have some things to learn and do.


tatum said...

I like that list, it is similar to mine. If you had to only do the things you knew you were good at; how would you discover hidden talents that are undeveloped? You'll be great! I'm sad though that you won't be peeking your head in nursery. :)

The Graham Family said...

You'll do great, you are amazingly talented and have a the wonderful ability to make your house a home, you have so much to share with others that I am sure, well I know that Heavenly Father knew exactly what he was doing when he called you to serve as Enrichment leader.
I have been there and done that so I know you will do AWESOME!!!!
You will have to invite me to some of your enrichment nights, you will for sure have some super cute ideas.
I love all of your skills, please feel free to critic me anytime, I am always using the wrong to or too and there and their.
I am impressed with the dishwasher fixing, that's a task I don't ever want to have to do.

Jason & Julie said...

Ok that is so not true!! The dresser you did for Emry's room was adorable so I am sure you have a few more crafty bones than you think. Good Luck though I'm sure you will be amazing!!

Alishia said...

Are you kidding me??!! You will be awesome! I was not surprised at all when your name was read in. I was excited because I know what you can do. Your list of skills was great though. Especially the dishwasher...pretty impressive. I never would have guessed!

The Graham Family said...

I ment critique or correct or whatever, spelled it wrong, sorry.

karis stapley said...

Bre- I know you'll do a fantastic job. Even though I'm sure it could be stressful at times, but who would'nt be?! I know you'll be great at it bcuz you already inspire me with all your fun crafts, ideas, and projects that you endeavor on!

Chelsey Howard said...

You are so funny, you totally have more talents than that! And that's probably one of the reasons that you got called cause you are so humble! You'll do a great job!

Heather said...

Oh, Bre! You will be great. You are going to uncover that talent you never knew you had.
Come on over to primary anytime, you will be missed!! :(

Leah & Mike said...

It's all about delagation. Get a good group of ladies on your committee and you'll be set. Good Luck, you'll do awesome. You're creative and draw people into you.


Pam said...

Breana are you kidding me you will be fabulous in that calling. You always have great ideas not to mention your mad skillz. And you never know you could have a mini class on fixing your dishwasher and you won't even have to stress about finding a teacher for the class. So congratulations to you and your hubby on the new callings. Keep me on your list so I can come crash your famous classes :)

Pam said...

Sorry I missed the N in your name. How did that happen?

Jolene said...

We were out of town last week and I missed you getting called. I will just tell you that my hand would have been raised really high in support. You will be GREAT!

deana said...

I've been out of town and just read your blog...what the heck? You are going to be amazing and I'm so stinkin excited to work with you!! You are definately the one the Lord chose for this calling right now,and remember what Pres.Monson says..."Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies"!
So let the GOOD TIMES begin :)

Beeswax said...

Ah, you'll be great. Maybe you can have a mid-week mini class on how to shop at Kirklands? That's skillz.

I don't know if the friends game will translate so well to your new calling, but it is still very impressive. My favorite episode ever was Ross and the leather pants.

Justin and Lori said...

You have nothing to worry about. I think they knew exactly what they were doing when they put you in charge!

The Richins Family said...

oh you will be fine. it will keep you busy but you are organized. so what have you done so far? call me for ideas. i help out in our ward and my mom is the enrichment leader in her ward.

MOM said...

OMG! this tells me how much I know about my own daughter! I have to have Kesle get me on your blog site and then find out you got a new calling. You will be great and I want to come cuz I know it will be are good at FUN. Funny I was the Primary Pres. not to long after I had you and have been the homemaking night leader a few times. Now the name is some long thing...Home, family and personal enrichment night or something like that. Who can recall?
Hey, do a make over on the name....just old enrichment sounds good to me. You will have a good time, and after this calling look towards young womens with all your experince with girls, girls, girls, Gone wild Yet?