Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Emry

As I was purchasing a birthday gift for Emry, the cashier commented that she liked my selection. I then indicated that it was for my daughters room. She then says "What? ... you have a daughter? ... Wow! In my mind I'm thinking is she implying that I "look" too young to have a daughter or that I must have a sorted, maybe somewhat promiscuous past? Then I thought to myself who cares! She thinks I look young. (quick take note as to what I'm wearing and how my hair and makeup are done, so I can recreate this look again and again) I still find the need to reassure her I'm 29 (forever I might add) She then proceeds to tell me that I look her age. "And what might that be?" I ask. "20" she replies. Wow, this chic is a horrible age guesser but I decide to take the compliment and be on my merry way. Now what does this have to do with Emry's Birthday? (besides the fact I was buying her a birthday present) Children have a way of making you feel older, and every time they have a birthday I get reminded of how old I'm getting. But I decided that's ok. Because I love having my girls and wouldn't trade any (yes any) of the moments I get with them for all the money in the world! So Happy Birthday to my Emry Bemry!
A little about Emry...
LOVES to dress up like a princess
*Is sooo Sassy
*She's as honest as they come (she rats her self out daily)
*A fantastic fit thrower (she can become hysterical on a dime)
*Has a fetish for purses

*loves to color
*An awesome story teller
*A wonderful big sister
*An incredible fetcher (she'll run and "fetch" most anything I'm in need of)
*Loves to sing and dance
*Loves to talk on the phone
*She's the best tattle tale around
*Recently loves broccoli and cauliflower (YEA!)
*Would eat plain noodles with butter and salt for every meal if I let her
*Loves jewelry
*She's the best at saying sorry and giving hugs and kisses
*Has an remarkable memory
*Never lets us forget to pray

We love you Em and look forward to what this next year brings!


The Graham Family said...

Happy Birthday Emry!!!!!!!
We love you and are happy you are part of OUR family.
I know what you mean when our kids make us feel old, imagine your baby turning 10, that's crazy.
What a nice compliment from the girl, I don't think she was implying anything other than you look young.
we will see you all tonight.

karis stapley said...

Happy Birthday Emry Girl! Yes, she is a little smarty pants! We sure love you! Cousin Cole looks up to his big cousin Emry a lot! He loves to play at the Grahams!

Pam said...

WOW - Emry is 4! That is such a fun age and I know from reading your blog she definitely is fun.
Take the compliment about looking young and run with it because it is a huge self esteem builder. You do have that great youthful look going for you though so get used to the compliments. Happy Birthday Emry!

Heather said...

Happy b-day Emry! Those comments just make you feel good inside! :) You are georgous, just as your daughters are.

S & A Millar said...

wow you were up early doing this post! I can't believe Emry is four, I hate how fast kids grow up! She is such a cute little girl! Happy Birthday Emry!

Chelsey Howard said...

Happy Birthday Emry:) She is such a cute little girl! And yeah for your compliment from the cashier:) eventhough I don't think you have to worry about looking old for a long long time!

Alishia said...

I can't believe she is already 4! Before you know it she'll be school all day. They grow up so fast. Enjoy her while she is home.

galbraith's said...

29! wow you are old! jk hey at least you are younger than me! i know it sucks to realize how fast times goes. i swear i feel like i was just in highschool not to long ago but really it's been 12 years- crazy!