Thursday, June 5, 2008

Emry's Princess Diary

The following are excerpts from encounters overheard at a local Chik-fil-a play land .....
Scene one- round up Princess'

"Do you want to play princess' with me?" (to about a dozen girls, about half agree)

Scene two - there must be a prince

(She walks up to a 7 or 8 yr old boy) "Do you want to play princess with me? .... Don't worry you can be the prince." (His look was priceless! He then just smiled and politely walked away)

Scene three - 2nd attempt to find a prince is a success, now time for the Royal Ball

Apparently the Ball was in full swing to begin with but it's believed the prince was unfamiliar with his roll. (Perhaps he has not watched Cinderella and other princess movies 900 times as Emry has.) Emry now takes things into her own hands and says "You are not being a good prince Mister, get out of the Ball" at this point he still stands there not understanding what makes a good prince. So Emry repeats herself once again (with her head bob and the pointed finger) "leave the Ball now Mister, you're not a good prince!" The poor dejected prince leaves the play room all together and goes to find his mom.

Scene four - A young girl dismayed as her royal Ball begins to disperse

Emry made the mistake of following the prince to the door, so between her leaving the "Ball" and her conflict with the prince her fellow princess' have now gone on to other things. She now comes to her smiling mother crying "No one wants to play princess' with me." Mom says "why were you upset with the prince? You weren't speaking very nice to him." Emry reassures me he was at fault "He was singing CRAZY, and a prince isn't supposed to sing all crazy!" (just so you know this scene is quite dramatic, there is a very high pitch whine going on here coupled with real tears!)

Final Scene - Mom diverts young girls attention

"Let's go to Target and pick out a cool toy from the dollar section" (diversion a success, Emry agrees)

And they went to Target "Happily Ever After"


galbraith's said...

i just love to read about all the cute things emry does- though i do believe she is just as dramatic as her mother once was (lol)!

Pam said...

That is too cute, funny, and dramatic. You better watch out she is going to end up in Hollywood directing her own princess movies soon. It sounds like she just needed a better cast to choose from. As women we all know that Princes are hard to come by so tell her don't give up he's out there and "someday her Prince will come". :)

Chelsey Howard said...

That is awesome:) Don't you just love their imaginations! That is so funny:)

Heather said...

I totally agree with Pam's comment! A good "prince" is hard to find!! :)
Emry is SO fun. It is funny to listen to conversations from the little people!

Jessica Graham said...

That is the coolest story I have ever heard! How funny! Poor crazy singing kid probably didn't know what he was getting into! :)

tatum said...

That is hilarious. What a girl! You have an absolutely adorable family! Don't you love having girls?! Never a dull minute.

Alishia said...

How fun! Little girls are so cute with all their princesses and dreams of finding their prince. Unfortunately, all I have are little princes over here. I hope they are worthy of all the princesses out there!

sarinahbrooks said...

I love it! The stories of girls I dreamed for - I am glad for my boys and will live the girl kingdom through you!