Friday, August 22, 2008

Too much TV or just an impeccable memory?.... You be the judge.

Recently on two separate occasions I have received a sales pitch/infomercial from my little Emry.
First Product, Cash 4 Gold

You may have seen this commercial. Apparently they show it frequently on Noggin/Disney/Nick. It's simple really, you request a kit, you send in your unwanted jewelry (not only gold, they also take silver and Platinum!) then they send you back cash, in the form of a fan (according to Emry). So our conversation went something like this...

We're at TJ Max

Emry: Mom, isn't this purse pretty cute?

Mom: Yes

Emry: I really want it

Mom: uummmm, that's a Coach purse. And although it's a fraction of the original price, I'm not going to spend $150 on a purse for you.

Emry: $150, Is that a lot?

Mom: Yes

Emry: Well you should do "Cash 4 Gold" You just look through your box full of jewelry you never wear and then you send it to Cash 4 Gold and they turn it into (this is my favorite line) cold hard cash. You can send it in and then get money the very next day. They said it's safe and reliable.

Second product, Roll n Grow

We were in the car driving through our neighborhood, when Emry made a comment about how beautiful someone' s flowers were in their yard.
Emry: Mom don't they have beautiful flowers
Mom: Yep
Emry: We should plant flowers like them
Mom: Ok. We'll tell our Yard Boy. AKA: Daddy
Emry: Well I was just thinking...... You should get Roll n Grow.
Mom: What's that?
Emry: Well gardening is such a pain. It's a lot of hard work and it makes you tired and get cramps. So if you get Roll n Grow it's a garden in a box. You just roll it out and then the flowers pop right up. They said it's like a miracle or something.
Ok so I'm no Mom Of The Year. But I swear my kids don't watch that much TV. I'm convinced those stupid infomercials embed hidden messages in them for kids to go tell their parents. I mean why else would they show them on Nick/Disney/Noggin? Parents don't actually sit around and watch these shows. I put them on so my kids will stay in one place for 30min while I do something productive. So who the heck do they think their target audience is??? Clearly they're doing their job though. Emry has been brain washed/programed to pass their message along quite well. She has almost convinced me to be the envy of my neighborhood with a "miracle garden in a box" and to pawn my jewels for some "cold hard cash".


karis stapley said...

OH my gosh Bre! that is hillarious!I was laughing the whole time I was reading it. Uh, yea! I think they do program it to brain wash the kids. Don't you remember mom getting a kick out of us doing the same exact thing growing up? We would go to her and through out the pitch to her and say that we gotta get it now! Cuz it's only for a limited time 3 easy payments of 49.99 or something to that affect. Anyway! Good n funny memories!

Valerie said...

that is hilarious!! i love how you recounted it, too. my kids do this to me all the time. we have a fast-forward-through-the-commericals policy now for this reason!

hope you make it big with your cash for gold so you can buy her that purse!!!

Pam said...

Emry is hilarious!
I'm glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones with these sales pitches. I'm pretty sure that Chase is going to grow up and be an info-mercial guy because he loves watching them so much - he's pretty convincing too. I agree there has to be some subliminal something going on though because even I get caught up watching them now and then...sometimes for the same product over and over again. I know that's so pathetic.

Suzanne said...

I have to say that as much as I hate my kids watching T.V. I don't mind them watching Noggin, they don't have commercials like the other channels do. I don't think my kids notice those types of commercials like they notice the toy commercials. Preston loves cartoon network and every five minutes he is shouting out how he "wants that toy".
There are days when I wish I could just throw the T.V. out to the curb.

VarneyFam said...

So Super funny!!! I think they make commercials just for our kids too - James and Ruthie do the same to me :) Let me know how the 'cold hard cash' comes in...

Chelsey Howard said...

LOL! That is so funny, I love it:) And I love her expensive taste too. Embry and Shea should be best friends, the other day at the mall shea was trying on coach shoes and wanted me to buy them:) And no your not a bad mom! Who doesn't put their kids infront of the t.v. while they get ready or do dishes Etc.?

Alishia said...

Haven't you heard about Kaboom! That's the one Dalin use to tell me about. Kids are so easily persuaded when it comes to commercials. Too bad we can't persuade them to pick up toys or be nice to their siblings. Those are the things we need on the commercials for Disney and Noggin. Emry is such a cutie and so grown up, wow!!

S. and A. Millar said...

LOL! Emry is one funny girl, with a really good memory!

Ryan and Liz said...

I want to meet your girls. I would love to put all our kiddos in a room for a couple hours and watch them because I am sure we would get some good laughs. Ryan and I are talking about coming down to Arizona in a few months so I will call if we do. It would be great to see you again. Hope all is well!

Brette said...

haha she is too funny. You always have funny stories about her. She's too cute and quite the smart one too!!