Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Summer!

My crazy Summer girl is 3 today! She has been anticipating her Birthday coming since it was Tatum's birthday 3 months ago. Almost daily she would ask me when we could go pick out her cake for her party. She wanted to go bowling for her birthday. So that's what we did. It turned out to be fun times for all. None of us had been bowling in ages, so it was fun for everyone.

Now that she's 3 here's a little about Summer!

*Runs almost everywhere she goes

* Must get a drink at every water fountain she sees

* Her favorite color is White?? But colors everything black??

*A great eater. She'll try anything (a pleasant opposite from Emry)

* Awesome sleeper. Asks to take naps

*Loves to snuggle

*Quite stubborn and can cry for hours

*Loves to read books

*Can dislocate her hips on command (it's pretty freaky!)

*Loves any song with the word "Summer" in it and believes it was made just for her

*For some odd reason now loves Crickets (she's sooo excited when she sees one. She'll pick it up to go show everyone and then tell us "I love him, he's my friend") Totally weird, I know!

*A total water lover

*Great at saying Sorry

*Loves lip gloss

*Favorite show: Max & Ruby

*Loves playing hide and seek

*Must be right up at the counter if there is any cooking or baking going on!

*Loves hugs and kisses (especially at bed time! She wants kisses and hugs about 17 times)

We love you Summy Bunny! Hope you had a great Birthday!


Christine and kids said...

Happy Birthday Summer!
We can't believe she is that old already. They are all getting to big to fast. It makes us sad that you guys aren't around the corner anymore to have the girls come over and play with us.
Oh, and congrats Breana. Keep me posted on all the Enrichment stuff you are doing.

Heather said...

Yeah, Summer is the big THREE!! Looks like you had fun bowling. I need her to come and collect the crickets around my house!! :)
She is a super CUTE girl!!

tatum said...

Happy Birthday Summer! Your girls are just sooo dang cute just like their momma! I can't get over the commercial post. Hilarious. They are way too smart!!!

VarneyFam said...

So fun for Summer! Looks like fun at the bowling alley...what a great idea :) Now you're at 4,3,and 1...they are getting so big so fast!

S. and A. Millar said...

Wow Summer is 3 ?!?! Where has time gone? Happy Birthday Summer!

Chelsey Howard said...

Fun:) Happy Birthday to Summer:) I haven't been bowling if forever, that sounds like fun! And what little girl doesn't love lip gloss?:)

Ryan and Liz said...

Happy Birthday. 3 is such a fun age. Whenever I read about yoour cute girls I just want to see you and get them all together. You look beautful and I miss you! I love your writing style too. It is always fun to read your blog.

Pam said...

Looks like Summer had a fun birthday party. Oh to be 3 again getting to do what you actually want on your birthday. Bowling how fun. She's such a cutie!

Alishia said...

Three?? So soon?? She is so adorable! Looks like a fun party with a fun cake! You're so creative, that's what landed you your new calling. You will be wonderful!!

My boys love your girls. I'm not sure we were very reverent today in church, but our kids sure had fun flirting.

Wendy said...

Your girls are so cute. That cake is super cute too. Connor is in Summer's preschool and I think he may have a little crush, she is a beautiful girl, just like her mommy.