Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Long Weekend

Our weekend started Thursday night. Eric had Friday off. (WooHoo!) While watching a movie, we couldn't help but notice the light show outside. So we had to hit pause and go check it out. It was a crazy light show! Constant rumbles of thunder and lightning like a strobe light. Gotta love the AZ monsoon season.

Friday, Eric, Emry and Summer did yard work in the morning while Tatum and I had a glorious time shopping. Can I tell you how amazing it is to shop with only one child!? Much more delightful than the sideshow of a crew I usually travel with.

Saturday night, Eric and I went to the Diamond Backs Vs. Dodgers game. I consider myself to be a Diamondback fan. After all I have lived in AZ 12 years now. Eric on the other hand has the Dodger Disease. Baseball is a sport I enjoy but to be honest I was just excited to go out with just my husband and NO kiddos. (Thanks to Kelsey for babysitting) We've been to Dodger vs Diamondback games before and have never been disapointed. I don't know what it is about Dodger fans but they're always good for some extra entertainment. Let me enlighten you as to what kind of company a Dodger fan keeps
Allow me to enter into evidence exhibit "A" .....
Woman being hauled away after storming the field. Apparently she needed more attention than her skin tight hoochie dress could provide her.

"B" This man has what some may call an inspirational motto to live case you can't read his motivational tattoo it says "F everything" (aaahhhh, words to live by) Like my home made scribble?!

Alas I must give them credit where credit is due. They are quite inventive. I mean how crafty is this guy? He can take a spirit inducing BEAT L.A. sign meant for a DBack fan and turn it into what I consider contraband but what he may see as a hand crafted Dodger collectible.

Dodgers won. An especially good night for Eric.

Monday we just did some swimming and a little Wii Look closely at Summer. Eric and I are amazing lifeguards don't ya think?! (Ya that's her fighting to keep her head above water. I guess she fell off the step.)

Tatum spends most of the time walking around trying to find stuff to throw into the pool. Little Taty Bug is not a fan of swimming.

I blame Eric. Maybe this will tell you why.

Eric thinks he's the master bowler! But Emry is creepin' up on him.

I love long weekends. I love my family. So put them together and I'm lovin' life!


Pam said...

Fun weekend! A little entertainment for everyone it looks like. Especially from that tattoo guy - I think I would have been too distracted by that to enjoy the game. Good censor scribble though very creative :)
I agree I love long weekends. Even if we have nothing planned it is just nice to be together as a family.
By the way I never got to congratulate you on your new calling. You will be awesome.

Suzanne said...

Wow, what a busy weekend, I still think you would of had more fun sitting in the rain with us :).

Heather said...

That is the CUTEST pic of little Tatum. Long weekends w/ dad home are nice! They need to happen each month!
That was a great monsoon.
Great scribble on the yahoo's neck sitting in front of you guys!
I could see one of my kids (Richard) trying to sound it out and say what it said??

sarinahbrooks said...

SOund like fun at your house - love the games with dad photos

Valerie said...

You guys looks so cute at the game! I am going to have to make my honey take me someday... We have never been!!! (I know, right??)

That is a riot with your husband and Tatum... I always about have a heart attack when Jon launches our babies!! I think that the ability to launch babies is a requirement for being a dad. What is it with them?? :)

deana said...

Sounds like the people at the game were more entertaining than the game.That's how it would be for me too- no info about the homeruns, the score, or pitching...just about the crazies in the crowd!
One time my husband threw one of my girls so high in the grocery store isle 2 that an old lady in isle 3 apparently saw. She immediately came over to tell us what bad parents we were for putting our child in such danger. Did it stop him?...Heck no!

VarneyFam said...

K- so I'm glad I got to shop with you...that rarely - if ever - happens :) Looks like you had such fun - I didn't hear how the 'binky fairy' went? I'm hoping that's a good thing - how did Mr. Potato head go over? Thank Eric for coming over to help Landon on sunday. We love you guys!

Julie said...

I love the look on Tatum's face as she is launched in the air!! So cute!! It's sounds like you guys had a blast! We need to hang out..I found out that Tatum is in your ward so we need to get the girls together and craft something since the holidays are just around the corner. :)

Chelsey Howard said...

Sound like a fun and busy weekend:) I can't believe Tatum doesn't like swimming!!! I hav enever known a baby to not like swimming! And I love the story about the D-backs game:) And yeah shopping without the kids, or with just one is heaven:)

Christine and kids said...

One of Kurts favorite things to do with our kids when they were little was to toss them high in the air too. My mom was the one having a heart attack. I was laughing because my kid would be laughing so hard. All 4 of them still love having Kurt toss them in the air. Especially in the pool. Kacee has a hard time accepting the fact that she is to big to do that with. So sad.
Sounds like your family had a great weekend. Such great memories!

Alishia said...

I agree with Heather that long weekends with dad should happen once a month. It sounds like you guys definitely made the most of it. Sometimes it is nice not to run out of town and just be home with the kiddos.

Poor little Tatum!!! She needs to come and swim with the twins where she won't be hucked into the air.

Even you guys have a Wii. I swear we are the only ones still playing Game Cube. Maybe Santa will bring one.

Like Amy, I wonder about the Binky Fairy. Did it work?? Has she kicked the habit??