Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's been over a month since I've posted and my last one hardly counts. So what inspired me to climb out of my anti-blogging hole you ask.....Tatum ☺

This is my baby. She's 2 today. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It seems Emry also feels the same way. This morning she said to me "I can't believe Tatum's 2 today, it's like I'm having a dream and I just can't wake up!" This is the first time I've had a 2yr old and not had a younger baby. Tatum is a crazy girl and fits in perfectly with her sisters, Emry and Summer. So here's a little about Tatum as she is today.....

*The biggest tattle tale I know.
*Words most commonly uttered by Tatum: "(insert name) did it" (most common names...cousin Preston or Aunt Kelsey. And no they do not even have to be around to get blamed)
*Loves shoes and will wear any left in her reach (including those found in cubbies at Chic-fil-a)
*Hates swimming/large bodies of water, including the bath (polar opposite from sisters)
*Loves gum! Has got a hold of entire packs and devoured every last piece
*Might actually love her binky and blanket more than Emry and Summer. (previously believed to be impossible)
*Always wants to be doing whatever her sisters are doing
*NEVER watches TV or movies. (Harkins Summer Movies should be a blast this year!)
*Throws a fit when forced to ride in shopping cart. Thinks she must push cart. (this is especially awesome when she pushes the cart into a display of shampoo and you get to see bottles fall and bust open)
*Great at saying "Thank you" and "your welcome"
*Fabulous at giving kisses and hugs. (can't got to bed without 'em)

Love you Tatey Bug! Happy Birthday.


My Family said...

Oh we just love Tatum!!! She is "The Baby" (until brent has kids of course) so it's sad that she is getting bigger :(. I am assuming that Kelsey and Preston are her favorite people since she is always chatting about them even if Preston drives her crazy. We need to find a magic pill to keep her from growing, I love her at this age, she is so much fun!!!
Happy Birthday Tatum!!!!

karis stapley said...

Oh my goodness! No more babies at Bre's house! Just little kids & toddlers!
Happy 2nd Birthday Tatum!! We love you!
Cole is the very same way with shopping carts, has to help push or run along side it. Shopping takes longer now!

Varney Family said...

What a great picture! Little Tatum Bug! Happy Birthday. Keep a lock on that GUM - I've never seen a toddler love it like she does :)

Chelsey Howard said...

She is such a beautiful girl!!! I love that she blames people even when they arent around:) happy Birthday:)

Heather said...

I remember my kids going through that dreaded phase of having to PUSH the cart!! :) She is a doll.

Chelsey Howard said...

that's so cute. she sound exactly like Lilly:) She's is such a doll, I hope she had a fabulous birthday:)