Thursday, August 13, 2009

What else..........but a Birthday......and better late than never. Right???

Apparently I only blog for Birthdays it seems. My little Miss Sassy Pants Emry turned 5 on July 8th. For her birthday she chose to go to Chuck E Cheese. You can imagine my excitement when I heard this. Up until this point my children have been deprived of the Chuck E Cheese experience. Forgive me if I enjoy a good Barro's pizza as apposed to the cardboard Chuck E Cheese passes off as pizza. Thanks to my frienemies at Nick jr. & the Disney channel who portray Chuck E Cheese as the next best thing to Disneyland, Emry demanded the deprivation end. She must go! So of course we (and by we I mean Tatum) went and wasted lots of tokens (apparantley Tatum would snatch handfuls of tokens and just keep dropping them in the rides, even after it was already going. This was not figured out until the end of the night) But the best part of the night is when we got home and Emry said "hmmm, Chuck E Cheese sure seems like a lot more fun on TV." Classic!
A little about Emry at age 5

* is my BEST helper

* sooo honest (even when it's to her detriment)

* as SASSY as they come

* LOVES to sing and dance (still tells me she wants to be in a talent show)

* favorite tv shows right now: Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, and ICarly

* favorite movie: basically anything scary or a Barbie movie

* meal of choice: peanut butter and Jelly (or if she's feelin' crazy...PB & honey)

* always keeps us laughing, she says some of the funniest things

* frequently colors or draws a picture and then randomly tapes it on my walls somewhere in the house

* enjoys giving talks in Primary (always volunteers) Yay for me ;)

* very dramatic, everything is a big deal and can become hysterical in an instant

* thinks hide-and -go-seek is the BEST game ever

* LOVES to dress-up
* wants to "live with mommy and daddy FOREVER" even after she's married with her own children. (once cried when I tried to convince her she'd WANT to move out one day)

* likes to swim and has become pretty good at it.

* HATES to get her hair done (cries almost every morning)

* LOVES to help cook/bake

* tells stories like no other 5yr old I know (she's very creative)

* still the pickiest eater in the house (we argue every night over how many bites she must eat)

* now has an opinion on what she wears everyday :(

* tells me, sometimes Heavenly Father and Jesus talk to her heart

L♥ve you Emry!


Beeswax said...

Hey, I think Chuck e Cheese is great! Much easier than Amazing Jakes cause they hand stamp everybody, so i just sit in my booth and let the kids tear things up. And no one can kidnap them. Probably.

Give Chuck a chance!

karis stapley said...

Yeah for Emry! I can hardly believe she is 5 already! Yea, we hadn't experienced Chuck E. Cheese pizza/food since we were kids until last month, & yes, we both completely agree - one does NOT go there for the food! That's for sure!
Happy Birthday Emry Bemry! We love & miss you! You're too pretty already! :)
Love, Aunt Karis, Uncle Jace, & cousin Coco & twins

Tyra Louise said...

Happy Birthday Emry. Emry looks like your mom and Summer looks just like you!!!

My Family said...

How did I miss this post?! Happy Birthday Emry !!!! and I have to disagree with the previous comment, Emry looks like her daddy :)